In a world where it seems as though everything has already been invented, Garbags believes that inspiration can come from reaching the right balance between ecology, quality and design. This premium collection is the result of intense research, experimentation and technical development since 2011. However, more than that, it is the result of taking a different perspective of the world and every object surrounding us, an ecological look full of creativity and respect for nature. A look which tells us to go further than just to dream, tells us to act and to discover how a coffee package can become a durable hand-bag, a tooth paste tube can become a cool pencil-case or an electrical cable can even become a pretty necklace. Organic? What about a purse made out of orange skin?

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This is the Garbags world, where everything is possible.




To inspire people and companies to think about the waste they create in everyday life and to see it in a different light. Lots of people are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly and to live more sustainably. Garbags offers a unique and practical way for people to do that by offering an alternative for their used packages and creating sustainable consumer choices by offering a collection of products which are individually cut and hand-made in Portugal. Within the process we support other local businesses, associations and give priority to local employment.

We believe environment, social and business can co-exist, but we go further: we make it happen!

Remember: With every Garbags product you purchase, you are helping to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and to create a more sustainable world!




Understanding that recycling of only 20% of the waste produced in Portugal is not OK specially when we are talking about the packaging used for daily products which are not only attractive to look at but also very durable was the starting point! To offer a quality alternative to used packaging, do our part, that is what is driving us! But we can’t do it without you!

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Garbags products are made from materials that were originally used to hold coffee, pet food, milk, juice, potato chips and others! Our bags are made with packages designed to hold 2-5kg of product so they are strong! The same properties that made them useful packages in their first lives also make them strong and durable enough to be transformed into fashion items. The upcycling aspect is fundamental, but Garbags products also have to be durable, stylish, functional and above all fun!.



Recycling is a process to change materials into new usually through industrial processes which involve energy use.

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

Same, same but different! Garbags want to bring the upcycling process closer to people by providing them with a practical and fun collection of strong products made with a certain type of packages which are easily recognized by all!



We have already passed the round number of 165 000 used packages saved from landfill!!

That is equivalent to saving approximately 55 cubic meters – the waste that would fit inside a big sized truck – enough to fit all the furniture of a 5 bedroom apartment!

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But these are only numbers! For the last 2 years and half we daily see the positive changes in our community! People nock at our door and become involved in the upcycling process by saving their used packages for us and getting funny rewards back made with their own packages! We count already with nearly 90 regular friends between local businesses and home donations. By doing this we have had a significant impact in the local environment and economy – influencing local behavior we have helped to develop an area known by its drug dealing problems into a bright, clean spot and inspired other alternative businesses to settle – what seemed impossible in the beginning became true because someone believed!




People are invited to donate their used packages at our shop and become a Garbags Friend through our P2P program which awards their environmental conscience with great discounts, exclusive prices and eco-vouchers!

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We have a local collecting system, periodically our staff collects from local café’s, bars, restaurants, local associations and events!

And of course, from our wonderful eco-partners who understand the amazing advantage of our GoGreenCorporate program and donate their waste or purchase our exclusive upcycled merchandising! There are no limits for what we can do when our target is to create a more sustainable World!

We create only with used materials. As long as the world keeps producing waste, we’ll keep inventing fabulous ways to upcycle it!



Beside our official partners, there is not a predefined package we upcycle ones our products have a high turnover design. However for our permanent collection of customer’s smiles we have made a list of waste everybody produces daily. Just have a look on our P2P program and learn how to become a Garbags friend and start donating today!


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