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Did you know in Portugal only 20% of the produced waste is recycled?

Garbags provides an alternative for used packages which would end up in landfill (or pass through expensive and high energy consuming recycling processes)! Beside supporting other local businesses and local employment within our process!

We can’t provide an alternative to ALL the packages yet, but we are on our way to make the difference we want to see in the World!

Feel like cooperate? You’re most welcome!


Save the equivalent to one recycling bag (50 cm x 60 cm) of used packages (listed under) and when you make your first donation please give us your personal data and ask for your donation card! After 5 donations you get 15% discount in Garbags products and after 10 donations, a FREE EXCLUSIVE GIFT we choose seasonally for you!

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If you don’t live in Lisbon you can still participate! Make your donations by post and together with your exclusive free gift we’ll send you an eco-voucher covering your post expenses to use on our website or in our shop next trip to Lisbon!


It’s easy right? SO, LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!Donator icon


Here are the used materials which proactively we are looking for:


Milk and juice packages (1 L & 200 ml)

Milk and Juice plastics

Coffee (any size)

Tooth paste tubes

Tooth brushes

Shampoo and shower gel

Chocolate papers

Chips packages

Pet food packages

Publicity banners

Inner tubes

Earth packages

Wine aluminium packages

Cereal paper packages


Comics/Lisbon related magazines


You are welcome to bring us original and different packages! Or save it for our next contest!


Our list changes with the World needs, times to times some items will be added or deleted, don’t feel sad, it’s for good! Changes are always for good!


Would you like to know more about our People2People Program and start donating?

Contact us:

Visit us: Calçada da Graça, 16-16A, 1100-266, Beautiful Lisbon, Portugal