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extraflap xs coffee patchwork


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Innovative changeable flap system for flapmebag XS and garbag4bike mini.

Size: XS (25,5x21cm)

Change your flap, keep your bag! Find your bag here!

Product Description




Saved packages by buying this item:

4 used coffee packages = saving on average 0,76 kg of CO2 emission


Where do the packages and other upcycled materials come from?

Our packages come from our local best believers, people who donate their used packages regularly getting funny rewards back or through our eco-partners, global brands and local businesses.


Is my garbag resilient?

Definitely YES! To start with, our products are made from packages designed to hold at least 2 kg!
Garbags is designed to fulfill your needs. Garbags is ready to accompany you in your daily life. Our green team consisting of skilled sewers give your uniquely produced garbag the final touch by adding joy to it! On top, before being shipped to you it has to pass our exigent quality control!


Where is my garbag produced?

All garbags products are designed by an environmental engineer who happens to be very creative. Afterwards, they are individually cut by our specialized green team and produced within our professional local sewing system based in Lisbon!


What fits inside my garbag?

Perfect for when you need to carry your life with you. It fits your laptop, sweater, lunch! It has an extra pocket for your A4 files and notebook! Practical to wear in your daily life when you have to take the tube to work or ride your bike in the park! Our innovative changeable flap system will keep you from getting bored: each bag comes with a Velcro fastener to make it easy to change the outside of your bag at any time. Go green go different every day!


Shipping & Delivery

Delivery by express post is free within Europe.



Customer Care

Garbags are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from original date of purchase when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by normal wear and tear, or unreasonable use or neglect. Please keep your receipt. For more assistance, email: info@garbags.eu
Remember: Each Garbags product is handmade from recycled packages. Colours and sizes may change slightly.


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