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Do you have an education in a subject but would love to do one million other things?

Do you have experience in one million things but find standard education boring for you?

You’ve finished already a great career but still feel this fresh energy and capacity to keep contributing to a better World?

Are you one of these people who are told to be handicapped just because you were born with a different body or mind but you’re sure you can go further than many considered perfect?

Do you believe fun and hard work can co-exist?

Are you one of those who no matter how hard you try, you simply don’t suit anywhere?

Do you believe a good result is a consequence of a good work?

Do you wake up everyday happy because life is beautiful and don’t understand why you’re the only one as soon as you enter the supermarket?

Is it hard for you to follow the crowd?

Can you see beyond the wall?

Do you understand leadership and freedom can walk together but only you can save yourself?

Words as no or impossible doesn’t make part of your dictionary?

Would you like to change the World?

We want to know what you most love to do! That specific task (s) you’re never tiered of or while doing it you never count the minutes to have lunch! Something you are extremely good at or simply when you talk about it makes your eyes shine! Did you imagine make a living just working in what you love?


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